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3 Decisions Your Spouse Shouldn’t Have to Make


It’s said that the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions a day. That would mean someone who slept seven hours a night would make about two decisions per second while awake—every day. Although these numbers may be overstated, we still make many decisions every day. We are constantly juggling schedules, family problems, work issues and more. It can become exhausting.

Susan is one of the best jugglers that I know. She manages people and hosts two podcasts. She’s busy and has a lot of decisions to make. She’s great at managing it all, but decisions can leave anyone feeling stressed and burdened. And I don’t want that for my wife. I want her to have a stress-free life. So I don’t want to put her in a position of having to make unnecessary decisions. No one should ever do that to their spouse. Here are 3 decisions your spouse shouldn’t have to make.

1. Do You Trust Yourself?

Explaining why you are late is a good idea. But do you let your spouse know? If you’re forthcoming about it, your spouse won’t have to wonder whether you’re late for sketchy reasons. If you try to keep it a secret from your spouse, they may be suspicious.

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