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25 of the Newest Dog Breeds: Pictures, Facts & History


The American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club are the two leading dog registries of the United States. The Royal Kennel Club in the UK is equivalent to the FCI on the international level. Breed standards are the goal of these organizations, and the welfare of animals is at the forefront.

Standardization is a way to protect everyone and guarantee the health and wellbeing of dogs. The formal recognition of all groups is very important. Each group has their own procedures and requirements. Often, little-known breeds gain a following, with official status a crowning achievement of the dog’s enthusiasts.

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How are the newest dog breeds classified?

The AKC’s Foundation Stock Service (FSS) is the pathway toward formal recognition. A breed must have sufficient numbers in order to be recognized and its standard developed. Maintaining a studbook ensures the integrity of the dog’s lineage. To begin the process, you must be recognized by another organization. AKC requires that the animals have a documented pedigree of 40 years. A parent club also needs to be established.

Breeds that meet these requirements are placed in the AKC Miscellaneous Class. The final step is acceptance into one of AKC’s…

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