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2023 Governors’ Advisors Energy Policy Institute


The National Governors Association (NGA) held the 2023 Governors’ Advisors Energy Policy Institute in Providence, Rhode Island, August 1-3. This annual Energy Policy Institute convened Governors’ energy policy staff from across the country alongside experts, federal officials, private-sector practitioners and NGA partners to share energy policy solutions, learn best practices and participate in peer-to-peer exchanges on timely energy policy challenges facing Governors of states and territories. More than 100 attendees, including Governors’ advisors from 27 states and territories, attended the Energy Policy Institute.

The three-day conference covered a wide range of policy topics including transmission, energy planning, energy resilience and transportation electrification. It also included innovations in advanced nuclear technology, clean hydrogen and carbon capture as well as supply chain and workforce issues in the energy industry. In addition to policy-driven panels, participants from states, territories, the federal government and the private-sector had the opportunity to connect and discuss important topics such as states’ energy policy priorities and goals,…

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