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2020 Kenworth W900B Masterpiece: A Custom-Built Diesel Beauty


Mike’s Custom-built Kenworth W900 Dump Truck

If this isn’t the first issue of Diesel World you’ve flipped through, we bet you’ve already noticed that while we are always a fan of a big truck, we rarely ever see a beast this large grace our pages. If this is your first Diesel World issue, welcome! Stay a little while. As long as you’re a diesel fan, there’s something here for you.) And if a truck this large isn’t enough to turn your head, then the little details that bring it all together are sure to pull you in.

Dreamed, designed, and spec’d by owner Michael Babino of East Meadow, NY, this 2020 Kenworth W900B dump truck, meticulously customized and fabricated, stands as a true testament to the passion and artistry of its owner. It’s more than just a looker, though that spotless Dark Jade Metallic paint might convince you otherwise. Once you’ve had a chance to take in the whole array of customizations Babino has made to the truck, you’ll be able to appreciate the fine tuning, careful collection of just the right parts, and commitment to perfection that this truck stands for.

J&J Truck Bodies in Summerset, PA custom built the dump body, then handed things over to J. Ferrell Custom Trucks in Gap, PA for a series of mods that have brought us to where the truck is today.

Under the classic Dark Jade Metallic paint is an Eaton 18 speed transmission. This transmission is a testament to Eaton’s commitment to power and precision. A versatile and robust gearbox designed for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, the Eaton gives Babino exceptional control over the truck’s acceleration, deceleration, and efficient power delivery across various driving conditions, as well as improved fuel efficiency and durability.

This Kenworth W900B is not just a showstopper—it’s a performance powerhouse tailored for a driver who demands excellence on the road. This serious transmission upgrade is paired with a New Wave Air Ride Rear Drive axle that can handle 46,000 lbs. This innovative axle features adjustable ride heights to optimize performance and fuel efficiency depending on the load. A smooth ride and superior driving experience are the obvious wins, but bulking up his axles also increases the truck’s overall efficiency, and will give it a longer lifespan as long as it’s in use.

We all love the symphony of a diesel engine, but we also know it’s incomplete without the deep rumble resonating from a powerful exhaust system. The Kenworth’s 7-inch Dynaflex is a powerful exhaust system that makes the engine roar not only audible but also felt. It is a plus that the engine can breathe easier.

Throughout the vehicle, you’ll see classic “watermelon” glass lights. These lights are a hallmark of such heavy-duty vehicles, and they offer excellent illumination from bumper to bumper. Five lights on top are just the beginning of the list. It also includes two more along the cab side and one in the front of the breather. And the watermelons aren’t the only lights the Kenworth is rocking. Light boxes The 4-inch round light creates an underglow. More lights are illuminated in a front-mounted light box installed behind the Valley Chrome curved bumper.

A few modifications have been made to the cabin of this Kenworth truck. They blend in seamlessly. The foundation of the entire setup is a custom painted aluminum floor, and a painted dash. The Banjo steering wheels painted in the same color as the floor is just one of the details that elevates the design. Sparetime Fabrication’s custom rear CB tray and door panels are next to catch our eye. The entire cabin was given a matching button tuck that pays homage to the factory Kenworth button-tuck.

From the playful glass watermelons adorning this truck’s exterior, to its powerhouse engine and precision chassis, every modification tells a story of passion and craftsmanship. It’s the perfect blend of performance and aesthetics and speaks to Babino’s commitment, talent, and style.



Michael Babino
East Meadow, NY


  • Eaton 18-speed transmission
  • 7-inch Dynaflex exhaust


  • Custom cab panels & tank fairings
  • New Wave Air Ride rear axle rates for up to 46,000 lbs
  • Air Ride front axle


  • Dark Jade Metallic Paint
  • Light boxes made with 4-inch round LED lights for underglow
  • 5 Glass Watermelons on Roof
  • Breather screens cut down. Fabricated a stainless steel panel with one Watermelon Light in front of a breather
  • Two panels and the cab fabbed with two watermelon light
  • Valley Chrome tapered front bumper with custom-made lightbox, painted to match the truck
  • Lifetime lug & chrome oil covers
  • The stainless tank fairing and step covers
  • Tkane rear hub covers
  • Light panel made of stainless steel in front of drop axle, with 4 4-inch round LED lights
  • The rear CB tray and door panels are fabricated by Sparetime.


  • Custom painted aluminum floor with painted dash
  • The Banjo steering wheels are painted in the same color.
  • Button tuck that matches factory Kenworth button-tuck

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