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2. Estimating the accuracy of estimates for demographic subgroups



Probability-based panel: It is a panel of national surveyors recruited by random sampling. The database includes the majority of people in the country. Most of the panels that are used in the United States today recruit randomly by examining residential addresses and telephone numbers. Data collection is usually done online. Some of these panels do interview a small percentage of respondents using an offline mode, such as a live telephone. These panels are “probability-based” because the chance that each address or phone number is selected is known. The chance that a selected person will join a panel or complete surveys after joining the panel is unknown.

Sample online opt-in These samples are recruited using a variety of methods that are sometimes referred to as “convenience sampling.” Respondents are not selected randomly from the population but are recruited from a variety of online sources such as ads on social media or search engines, websites offering rewards in exchange for survey participation, or self-enrollment in an opt-in panel. Some opt in samples are drawn from a panel or multiple panels, while…

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