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Do these 12 things before you vacate your property


If your home is to be left unoccupied for an extended period, perhaps you’ll be working abroad, it’s a rental home between tenants or it’s up for sale, it will be at greater risk than if it were occupied. This blog explains  the simple preventative maintenance you should carry out before leaving it empty. 

1. Check bulbs and batteries

Check all batteries and bulbs, including those in PIR security lights and lights on timers in the home. Replace any that do not work.

2. Check all locks and latches

Check that all locks, window latches, and other hardware are functional. Don’t forget the garage, shed and any outbuildings you may have. Replace any that do not work correctly. While you’re at it, check all the windows for damage. Check out our helpful blog for more information How to protect your home from squatters when it is unoccupied.

3. Check radiators & Taps

If you have a radiator that is leaking or a tap that is dripping, it’s not going to repair itself. In fact, it’ll get worse. You can avoid a flood if you repair any leaks that you discover.


4. Check your guttering

As soon as you’re able to, climb up the ladder and inspect…

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