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Ten Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Cat


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Adopting cats is a rewarding experience. Not only will it enrich your life, but you’ll also be saving the life of a needy animal. If you’re debating whether you should adopt a kitty or buy one from a breeder, we can help. Here are ten reasons why you should visit an animal shelter or rescue in your area today.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Cat

1. Adoption saves lives

According to the ASPCA statistics, about 3.2 million cats are admitted into animal shelters each year in the United States.1 What’s more, 530,000 of the cats in shelters across America will be euthanized this year. While these numbers appear to be on the decline, they’re still staggering. When you adopt a kitty, you’re saving it from inevitable euthanasia and freeing up space…

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