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10 Garden Trends We’re Saying Goodbye to in 2024


Gardening might seem like a pretty low-drama activity, but there are plenty of hot topics, controversial opinions, and crazy suggestions when it comes to the “latest trends.”  I checked in with four Western landscape designers to chat about the materials and plants you might want to take a pass on for upcoming projects. Whether you’re plotting a full landscape redesign, looking to update your outdoor entertaining space, or just adding in a few new plants—these are the 10 garden trends we’re ready to say goodbye to in 2024.

1. Hardscaping Non-Permeable


While rain gardens and water barrel capturing systems have thankfully become a new normal in backyards, there’s a better way to harvest water during precipitation events. Traditional hardscaping causes unnecessary runoff into the street, while permeable options allow for water to slowly absorb back into the ground where it’s needed most. Molly Sedlacek is the principal of design Studio ORCA and wants to see fewer concrete driveways by 2024. Gravel or pavers are a great option to solid, non-permeable surfaces. They not only catch rainwater but allow the earth to shift and move without cracking. Similarly, Sara Brunelle and…

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