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10 Black Exterior Houses That Put the Drama Front and Center


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Modern house in nature painted black.

The color black always makes a minimalist statement and puts whatever it touches firmly in the effortlessly “cool” camp. In a sea of ubiquitous whites and creams that evoke a blank canvas (and can promise a higher future resale), a black exterior house brings some much-needed edge while staying surprisingly timeless. (Look to classic Scandinavian and Japanese designs completely awash in the inky hue for peak inspiration.)

As it turns out, a lot of people want their homes to look a little moody. In August, Behr announced Cracked Pepper as its 2024 color of the year, citing a company survey that found three-quarters of Americans would consider covering an area of their home in a dark color. So why not go for the full facade? Let these 10 houses serve as inspiration. 

The Black Exterior House That’s Indestructible

Black steel-clad home exterior.

Sara and Adam Gilmer’s family home in Victoria, British Columbia, was an exercise in compromise, but they both had a clear design vision: Sara has a background in architecture, and Adam is the…

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