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Enjoy 10 All-American Craft Beers This Summer


We think that beer should be consumed all year round. The vacation brain comes on when temperatures rise. Plans are made for barbecues, and the fun begins. It’s beer’s time to shine.  

Finding the perfect summer beer can be difficult with so many craft breweries in the United States. It isn’t difficult to find the perfect beer for your summer activities with some planning and thought. (Don’t forget, hard ciders and seltzers also have a place in the cooler, too!) 

What exactly is the best summer beer? Summer beers need to be refreshing and go well with food. They should also be crowd-pleasing. These qualities can be found in a variety of styles, from light lagers and fruity ales to refreshing wheat beer and porters and stouts.  

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites summer beers to get you started. Bring out the cooler, turn on the grill, then crack open your favorite summer beer.  

Enjoy the best American craft beers this summer! 

Blackberry Farm Lemon Groove, a cold IPA from Blackberry Farm Brewery in Tennessee

Enjoy a fun change of style from the usual with…

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